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A ranking of web browsers that are used by persons connecting from the MENA region with MENA region web sites. The ranking is based on the number of page views concerning sites included in the gemiusTraffic study.

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WEB BROWSERS - gemiusRanking MENA
no. name page views - percentage share
09.05 - 15.05.2016 02.05 - 08.05.2016 25.04 - 01.05.2016
1. MSIE 11.x 4.52% 4.07% 4.30%
2. MSIE 9.x 0.56% 0.48% 0.53%
3. MSIE 10.x 0.55% 0.49% 0.72%
4. MSIE 8.x 0.45% 0.41% 0.43%
5. Opera 36.x 0.16% 0.49% 0.60%


Web browser – a program used to download and display web page content, with the possibilities offered by the page's engine and in line with an internet user's preferences.
Page view – an event consisting in displaying of a web page embedded with a correctly executed gemiusTraffic study script.

Please be informed that as of 23 November 2011 the name of SafariMobile web browser has been changed to WebKit Mobile. The introduced change aims to improve the quality of the presented data. In case of any questions, please contact us.

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